Terms & Conditions

By continue to use this website as part of our service, you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated below. If you felt otherwise, please stop using the system and contact us through this number +603-6148 8108


  1. Any quoted handling charges for warehouse services apply exclusively to ordinary labour involved in receiving Goods at warehouse door, placing Goods in storage and returning Goods to warehouse door. Minimum charges may apply. Extra charges not quoted may apply under certain circumstances, including but not limited to:
    1. extra labour required because of unusually fragile Goods, damaged Goods, physical awkward Goods or other Goods requiring special handling for any reason in the discretion of Company
    2. extra labour required to unload Goods from, or load Goods on, conveyances or containers not at warehouse door;
    3. extra labour required or performed for any reason other than the ordinary receipt of Goods at warehouse door, placing Goods in storage and returning Goods to warehouse door, including but not limited to consolidation and/or deconsolidation labour.
    4. deposit and/or retrieval of Goods and/or other services performed outside of ordinary business hours, if allowed in Company’s discretion.
  2. Customer shall keep the company fully inform of any particular risk relating to the goods and including their possible deterioration or damage or their dangerous or special nature or likelihood to contaminate or otherwise affect of other goods, property, persons or environment.
  3. The Company shall be entitled and is so authorised, except insofar as has been otherwise agreed in writing, to enter into contracts on behalf of itself or the Customer and without notice to the Customer:
    1. for the carriage of Goods by any route, person
    2. for the storage, packing, unpacking, transportation, transhipment or other handling of goods by any person at any place whether on shore or afloat and for any length of time.
    3. For the carriage or Storage of Goods in containers or with other goods of whatever nature.
  4. Our company shall be entitled but not obliged, to depart or deviate from the customer's instructions in any respect if in the opinion of the Company there is good and reasonable reason to do so in the customer's interest or is otherwise expedient to do so and it shall not thereby incur any additional liability. The Customer shall pay all additional fees reasonably incurred upon demand by the company.
  5. Our company is not obliged to arrange for the goods to be carried, forwarded, packed, unpacked stored or handled separately. Our company is authorized but not obliged to consolidate the customer’s goods with other goods.
  6. All charges exclude insurance premium, unless specified. Our company is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond our control. “FORCE MAJEURE”eg. Typhoon, Earthquake, Flood, War, Storm, Fog, Container Leaking. If goods shipped are very valuable, customer are advise to liase with company to purchase insurance.
  7. Our company is not liable for any loss or confiscation counterfeit and branded goods.
  8. Our company will only compensate for goods missing during the delivery period if proven that incident is caused by our neglected.
  9. GOODS VALUE - Our company only collect on behalf of goods, does not responsible for any purchases from your supplier.
  10. OVERWEIGHT - 1m3 could not more than 500kg, extra charge will be occur.
  11. SENSITIVE GOODS & OVERWEIGHT will be extra charge.
  12. All rates and charges are subject to prevailing market charge with or without prior notice.

Buy for Me Regulations

  1. Our buy for me service is to help customers to place orders, collect and ship their goods to Malaysia, providing one stop service to our dear customer. All goods purchase from our platform, doesn’t belong to our company, VT does not have ownership or any sort of control over any products purchased.
  2. 3% service fee will be charged. The calculation method is as follows:
    1. Service fee = (Product price + China delivery fee) × 3%
  3. Before submitting the purchase order, the customer needs to contact the seller to inquire about the China express delivery fee, and then fill in the system. (The company has the right to modify and deduct the wallet balance of customer based on the courier fee provided by the seller.)
  4. If the customer decided to purchase the product without checking the seller's information, our company will not be responsible for problems occur and the customer should bear the consequences.
  5. Any problems caused by Taobao/1688 sellers, such as fraud, item quality, size, colour difference, short delivery, etc., our company are not responsible for this. Our company will provide the order number and proof of order, and the customer needs to negotiate with the seller.
  6. The shipping cost of any seller's replenishment of the parcel shall be bare by the customers.
  7. Customers need to ask the seller about the material, color, etc. of the goods. The company is only responsible for the ordering process.
  8. If the customer decided to use our buy for me service, it is equivalent to accepting the above terms and the company has the right to reject any unreasonable request. Highest compensation RM200 or goods value, whichever is lower. If customer need to purchase insurance for higher compensation, please contact our customer service for more information. Hope customer will understand. If customer just need pay of behalf service, please contact our customer service for more information.

Delivery Goods Regulations

*[Food category] Storage period notice

  1. Foods have a short storage period and are easily deteriorated in long-term storage.
  2. Foods emit odors and are easy to bite by rodents and ants.
  3. Food products are encouraged to arrange shipments as soon as possible after storage.
  4. In the event of rat, insect and ant bite, no compensation will be accepted.
  5. If the goods is lost during the free storage period, it will still be paid in full.

Please note!!!

*In order to avoid more of the above similar incidents, customers are requested to pay attention to the following two points when submitting product orders;

  1. Please indicate food items in the goods remarks.
  2. Please remind the seller to reinforce the packaging to avoid peculiar smell.
  1. Air freight is calculated based on half volumetric / actual weight
    1. The actual weight is more than the volumetric weight, and the freight is calculated by the actual weight.
    2. The volumetric weight is heavier than the actual weight, and the freight is calculated by half volumetric [(actual weight + volumetric weight)/2]
  2. The minimum weight unit is 1 kg
    1. 0.01kg-0.99kg, charged as 1kg.
    2. 1.01kg-1.99kg, charged at 2kg, and so on.
  3. Customers must report the products and choose the correct air freight method.
    1. If a package contains sensitive goods, the whole package will be calculated through sensitive channels.
    2. If the customer knows that there are sensitive goods in the package but falsely declares the product name and chooses the general cargo channel, the customer will bear all risks. (Such as: package return, fine, confiscation, etc.)
  4. If the goods exceed 100 USD / the total weight exceeds 100 kilograms, please choose the tax-inclusive channel by yourself to prevent any penalty.
    1. Single parcel volume / actual weight ≥100kg, there is an overweight fee.
  5. Shipping time: normal shipment from Monday to Saturday (except during spring break), the warehouse is closed on Sunday.
  6. Unpacking fee: RM5/waybill
  1. Extra charges applied for warehouse to resend goods to you. Charges based on the size of the parcel.
  2. If there is any changes before warehouse delivery date, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid extra charges.
  3. If customer fail to contact us or contact us late, please arrange neighbour or anyone to collect on behalf.

Freight Compensation Regulations

- If the goods are found to be missing after receiving the goods, please provide feedback within 48 hours and give the Chinese courier number of the goods. Overdue will not be accepted, please be aware.

- After our company accepts, various investigations will be conducted. If it is found that China Express lost the goods or the seller missed the shipment, our company will not be able to make a claim; if our company missed the shipment, It will be re-sent to the customer free of charge; if the goods are found to be missing and the responsibility lies with our company, our company will make compensation (please see "Compensation Details").

- If the goods need to be protected against damage, our company recommends reinforcing your package through seller or VT, and/or add wooden frame/bubble wrap to avoid crushing during transportation (reinforcing the package can only reduce the transportation risk). For more info, please contact customer service.

- If the goods are found cut, rat-bited, crushed or damaged in anyway without purchase insurance, our company will not compensate for the losses. You can opt to contact seller to replace/purchase the damaged goods.

- The insurance premium is 2% of the actual invoice, minimum premium charge RM30 (single item worth RM1500). If you need to purchase insurance, please contact customer service.

- If you find that the goods are damaged after receiving the goods and are under insurance, please provide feedback within 48 hours. Overdue will not be accepted. Please be aware.

- The customer needs to provide the real money invoice of the lost goods. Our company will compensate according to the declared value on the invoice (the maximum compensation is RM200) or 3 times the actual freight, whichever is lower. Please take note that the valid date of compensation is within 14 days goods received by the customer.

- If it is found that the invoice provided by the customer is falsified, or the lost goods are not declared or falsely reported at the time of shipment, they will not be compensated.

Note: The customer will be responsible for any additional costs and legal liabilities caused by false declarations or prohibited items; the freight will not be refunded.

Affiliate Regulations

  1. All our customer entitle 2% of commission for every transaction of shippment used by your recommended affiliate.
  2. Commission pay out will be before 15th of each month in the form of wallet credit direct to your account.
  3. If any customer were found misused this benefit, company have the right to void your commission and even disable your account.
  1. Every transaction/withdraw, company will charge a RM10 processing fee.
  2. Please contact our customer support on Facebook
  3. Please provide us your withdraw amount and bank-in account. Company will take up to 7 working days for processing.