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 What is Full Volumetric, No Volumetric & Half Volumetric

Full Volumetric, No Volumetric, and Half Volumetric are the calculation methods of the chargeable weight of goods.


FULL VOLUMETRIC means the actual weight or volumeetric weight, whichever is heavier will be charged.

Volumetric weight calculation:

Length (L) * Width (W) * Height (H) / 6000 (calculated in cm) = Volumetric Weight KG

*Even using parcel bags, if the volume is heavier than the actual weight, the final freight will be charged according to the volumeetric weight.

*Compared with actual weight and volumetric weight, the heavier one will be charged.

Example 1

The actual weight of the goods: 15KG

The actual volume of the goods: Length 50 CM * Width 50 CM * Height 50 CM

The volumetric weight of the box: (Length 50 CM * Width 50 CM * Height 50 CM) / 6000 = 20.83KG

(20.83 kg integer is calculated as 21kg)

The actual weight of the goods :15KG

The volumetric weight of the goods :21KG

In a situation, the volumetric weight of 21KG will be charged.

Example 2

The actual weight of the goods: 25KG

The actual volume of the goods: length 60 CM * width 55 CM * height 42 CM

The volumetric weight of the goods:

(Length 60 CM * Width 55 CM * Height 42 CM) / 6000 = 23.1KG (23.1KG calculated as 24KG)

*Reminder - If it is 23.4KG, it will be calculated as 24KG

The actual weight of the package is 25KG, and the volumetric weight 23KG.

In a situation like this, the actual weight of 25KG will be charged.


NO VOLUMETRIC not charge based on the volume, regardless of the size, and charge directly according to the actual weight of the goods.

*The charge is based on the actual weight of the goods, not the volume weight of the goods.


The actual weight of the goods: 15KG

The volume weight of the goods: (Length 50 CM * Width 50 CM * Height 50 CM) / 6000 = 20.83KG

(Integer of 20.83KG is charged as 21KG)

In a situation like this, the actual weight of 15KG will be charged.


HALF VOLUMETRIC means to balance the charge according to the actual weight of the package and the weight of the thrown weight.

*If actual weight is more than volumetric weight. Actual weight alone will be taken as final weight.

*If volumetric weight is more than actual weight. Actual Weight + Volumetric Weight / 2 = final weight.

*Final weight x Charges per KG = Actual Charges.

Example 1

The actual weight is 15KG, the volumetric weight is 21KG

Actual weight 15KG + volumetric weight 21KG = 36KG ÷ 2 = 18KG

Half volumetric weight is calculated based on 18KG shipping.

If the half-volumetric weight is 18.68KG, it will be charged based on the carry algorithm, and the final calculation will be 19KG.

Example 2

The actual weight is 35KG, the volumetric weight is 20KG

Actual weight 35KG alone will be taken as final weight.

 What is Cubic Meter m³ (CBM)?

CBM(m³)- Cubic meter means that it is billed in volume units, for example, the volume of a cube with a length of one meter on each side (length X width X height) is equal to one cubic meter.

*1 cubic is equal to 100CM * 100CM * 100CM = 1 cubic meter

Cubic meter calculation:

Length (L) * Width (W) * Height (H) / 1000000 (calculated in cm) = cubic meter CBM

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 Food Packaging Management
  1. Foods have a short storage period and are easily deteriorated in long-term storage.
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 In order to avoid more of the above similar incidents, customers are requested to pay attention to the following two points when submitting product orders;

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 Fragile Goods Packaging Management

 Fragile goods are recommended to install wooden crates to strengthen the goods.

 Fragile label service also provided to reduce the risk of goods damage during shipping period.

 In case if there are any unfortunate damage of goods occured during the shipping period, we will not accept it. Please bear your own risks.

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